Elepub - the Object Database Publishing Software System

Elepub database publishing software automatically generates pages for paper, HTML and e-paper.

It is fully multi-lingual and creates different language or price versions by turning just a switch!

Elepub is one generation beyond cross-media database publishing software, it is object database publishing with page editor and with a fully integrated content management system.

Elepub Object Publishing System

Elepub Object Database Publishing software automates all processes from content acquisition, editing and multi-lingual content storage via automatic formatting and page generation, to electronic content distribution across all media, formats and publications types.

Elepub's page editor operates directly on the current database content. No data import, export or data conversion needed!

Elepub does not depend on DTP software although finished pages can be exported via XML to DTP software, to HTML or to our Elecat e-paper catalog software.

This web site emphasizes on the substantial advantages that Elepub object database publishing software offers you over conventional DTP, cross-media and database publishing solutions. More...

Elepub is a part of unique homogenous family of publishing products:

  • Elepub is the object database publishing and software for publishing across all media, formats and types of publications and applications
  • Elestore, the Content Management System (CMS) for paper and electronic media, and
  • Elecat, the page-oriented e-paper catalog system based on CDF (Catalog Data Format)